The Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment

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["By artist Gary Chang (b. 1969). Put this dragon to work over doorways", " windows", " tapestries", " or paintings."]

Use this architectural pediment to add medieval styling to home or garden! Noted dragon artist Gary Chang created this wall pediment with arched wings and pointed talons, then cast it in quality designer resin and finished it to resemble aged stone.
35"Wx3"Dx12"H. 4 lbs.
    • Item is shown lighter in color to highlight detail; actual color is darker than it appears here
      Wall Hanging Instructions:

      Locate desired position on wall for hanging. If wall stud is present drill screw(s) directly into stud and proceed to step 4. If no stud is found follow steps 1-4.

      Repeat these steps as needed for multiple hangers. Be sure holes are level and spaced correctly by measuring the distance between keyhole slots (on center). Check your markings with a level before drilling.

      Step 1: Using the drill bit size recommended on your wall anchor hardware (not included) drill a hole equal to the depth of your anchor. NOTE: Anchor hardware should be rated for the weight of your artwork or more.

      Step 2: Insert anchor into hole.

      Step 3: Insert screw into anchor leaving a minimum of 5/16" of mounting screw exposed from wall.

      Step 4: Line up screw with the round opening of the keyhole slot then slide artwork down so screw head is locked into place.

      Please note these instructions are meant for common drywall walls. If other conditions are present check with your local hardware store for recommendations on hardware and hanging methods.
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      Liam is a great artist
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