Spitting Gargoyle Of Notre Dame Statue, Historic Direct Casting

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Own the father of all gargoyle statues!
Through an exclusive arrangement with the French Ministry of Architecture, Design Toscano is the only company ever to have been granted permission to cast the famed Spitting Gargoyle atop Paris's own Notre Dame Cathedral! Our direct cast by Louvre master craftsman Michel Lorenzi captures this most famous of all gargoyles, ready to strike, just as he appears today from his legendary Parisian perch. Own a piece of history with our Toscano-exclusive gargoyle, cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish and worthy of display as a coveted and historic work of art.
17"Wx25"Dx36"H. 36 lbs.
Be sure to click on our more info button below for more of the fascinating history behind this historic statue.
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      The Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Cathedral Statue
      Own the father of all gothic gargoyle statues!

      Whether you're a history lover a connoisseur of gargoyle decor or are looking for an unparalleled gargoyle gift there's no place like Design Toscano for discovering fascinating Gothic creatures!

      Through an exclusive arrangement with the French Ministry of Architecture Design Toscano is the only company ever granted permission to cast the famed Spitting Gargoyle statue atop the Cathedral of Notre Dame! Read on to learn more about the father of all Gothic gargoyle statues

      What is a Notre Dame Gargoyle?

      "Gargoyle" comes from the Old French "gargouille" and the Late Latin "gurgulio " both meaning throat. Medieval gargoyles are just that - ornate "throaty" drainpipes! Most rooftop chimera statues are designed with a passageway inside to direct rainwater out through the gargoyle's throat and away from the building.

      The first gargoyle figurines were carved more than 4 000 years ago in ancient Egypt Rome and Greece. Gargoyle statues were often grotesque animals carved from stone iron or lead and were usually depicted ready to leap or take flight. Gargoyle figurines have long represented evil and mischief leading the Catholic Church to commission the appointment of gargoyle statues on cathedral rooftops in an effort to encourage its largely illiterate congregants to display proper church behavior.
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