Peterhof Palace Romanov-Style Collectible Enameled Eggs: Set of Two

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Our Peterhof enameled collectible eggs regale the eye with the royal blue hue once reserved for kings and queens! Originally fashioned more than a century ago by the House of Romanov's imperial jeweler who designed eggs for the Russian Czarina Maria, our own collectible eggs boast the same intricate metalwork, lost wax pewter-casting method, hand-painted enamel and magnetic closure as the original enameled eggs. Our eggs, in the famous tradition, serve as enviable additions to new or established collections. Alonya retains the well-known gold filigree highlights and Darya boasts the famous fleur-de-lis. Both are available only from Basil Street Gallery.
Each 2 dia.x3½H. 1 lb.

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