Naughty Peeing Scotty Dog Die-Cast Iron Collection

Item# FAM-SP507

$25.95 – $45.95

Our collectible Terrier is just doing what comes naturally! Cast from a 1930's original, this adorable dog statue is hand-crafted in heavyweight foundry cast iron exclusively for Design Toscano, then hand painted to showcase a lovable, sculptural face and furry paws. Our potty dog bookend serves as punctuation marks in a library, and adding character to any room. This ideal heavyweight Peeing Scotty Dog bookend and doorstop serves as functional art while giving literary support to your favorite books or oak door. It's a great gift for animal lovers or someone who just can't say no!
  • Weights & Dimensions

      Bookend Pair: 7 Wx4"Dx6" H." each
      Bookend and Doorstop: 7"Wx4"Dx6"H.

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