Jurassic Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur Statue

Turn heads by welcoming our gigantic prehistoric creature into your garden

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Expected back in stock: February 18

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Though we first thought it a joke, this mongrel of a dinosaur actually lived in the Cretaceous Period and is named for its discovery site in Muttaburra near Queensland, Australia! With cartoonish features such as flat skull, pointed snout and broad feet, kids love our almost 10-foot long replica dinosaur mutt, and it makes a great slide! Our Design Toscano artist has sculpted each dinosaur detail with realistic texture, then cast it all in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength. Hand-painted one piece at a time for authenticity, this Jurassic-scale piece is beyond compare, and a true value for its massive size! This display-quality lawn ornament transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent!

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