Eagle in Flight Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue

Cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method

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This wide-winged attacking "Eagle in Flight" quality lost wax bronze statue is a study of nature's most majestic bird and a symbol of the artistic freedom found in the new Romantic movement of the 19th century. The intricacy of the individually sculpted feathers and talons by artist Jules Moigniez (1835-1894) on this eagle statue are amazingly detailed. This Design Toscano exclusive high quality lost wax bronze eagle sculpture is hand rubbed in a multidimensional sepia patina finish and set atop a solid black marble base. The animal statue is individually cast in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights the sculptural uniqueness and guarantees heirloom quality. Color patina is applied by hand one piece at a time, tone may vary slightly.

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