Recurrent Motion Woodcutter Authentic Foundry Iron Mechanical Coin Bank

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Quality foundry cast iron coin bank collectible, antique replica
Our log cutting outdoors-man has the strength and the recurrent motion to get the job done! With a turn of the crank to give our woodcutter the energy needed, insert your coin into the slot atop the log. This will trigger multiple saw passes by the woodcutter to saw the end off the log. When the massive piece falls over, your coin will safely be deposited into the bank below. Whether you're an antique toy bank collector or just teaching the value of money, our Design Toscano mechanical, heavyweight coin bank, cast in foundry iron and authentically hand-painted, is a clever gift and a wonderful desktop collectible.
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  • 6"Wx6"Dx9½"H.
  • 7 lbs.
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