Dove of Peace Bonded Natural Marble Wall Sculpture
Inspired by the 1660 altarpiece by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the Vatican, Rome
The highly dramatic focal point of the Vatican’s Throne of St. Peter, Bernini’s symbol of the Holy Spirit is immortalized exclusively for Toscano in pristine bonded natural marble. Signifying internal strength while echoing the Baroque influences of the period, this amazing museum-quality wall sculpture hovers amidst a powerful, nearly 2½-foot-high starburst that is virtually beyond compare.
13½"Wx3"Dx28"H. 6 lbs.
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)

Preeminent Baroque sculptor Gain Lorenzo Bernini lived in 17th century Rome. Bernini s Baroque style was a powerful influence on the architecture of his time. In addition to his sculptures, Bernini s works include the colonnades of St. Peter s, the faade of Barberini s palace, and the design for three churches.

The son of Florentine sculptor, Bernini was considered a prodigy in his time. Mastering sculpting techniques of marble while still a child, many thought that the young Bernini would surpass his father s greatness. Antique Greek and Roman statues in the Vatican inspired early Bernini sculptures.

Bernini s many sculptural masterpieces include The Rape of Proserpina, which displays extreme attention to detail; even the woman s marble skin shows dimpling. Apollo and Daphne, widely admired since Bernini s day, expresses drama and also a conceit: As the character Daphne is being turned into a tree, the sculpture antithetically appears to come to life.

Bernini was also an accomplished architect, having been commissioned to create the piazza, colonnades and high alter of St. Peter s Basilica in Rome, it s centerpiece being the Dove of Peace. Being a fervent Romantic Catholic who attended daily mass, Bernini s devotion to Rome shaped his work, then and always. Thus, Bernini s sculptures were conscious attempts to be emotional stimuli, pointing towards piety.

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