Venus of Arles Sculpture: Grand

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(c.365 B.C.) By artist Praxiteles (395 BC -330 BC), in Louvre, Paris
Elegant in a spa bath or a formal garden, our erotic beauty in the classic Greek-Roman style is destined to become one of your favorite Design Toscano sculptures. Unearthed in 1683, this classic depicts the goddess of love with "the apple of discord" in her right hand. Cast in quality designer resin to capture its amazing detail, it is finished in stone to replicate the ancient original. Any serious gallery would be proud to display this over three-foot-tall version of one of the world's most famous images of Venus.
13"Wx12½"Dx38"H. 32 lbs.
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  • Grande size base is 12"Wx11¼"D
  • Grande size fits on Large Classic plinth (NG314100), Grande Laurel plinth (KY3917), Rococo plinth (KY0631), Grande Rosette plinth (CL5193), Classical Fluted plinth (KY2273), Lion of Florence Sentinel base (KY727) and Grande Garden English plinth (NE140502)
  • Praxiteles (395BC-330BC)

    Born in Athens, Praxiteles was one of the most influential sculptors of Greece in the 300s B.C. His career covers the period from about 375 to 340 B.C. His father and his sons, Kephisodotos the Younger and Timarchos, were also sculptors. Praxiteles worked in both marble and bronze, but he was famous for his marble carving. He was a favorite artist among Roman collectors; although none of his original statues survive, we know his work from Roman copies and literary references.

    Praxiteles introduced his own scheme of proportions for representing the human body, and it is said that he also invented new ways of depicting the gods. His male figures are noted for their elegantly curved poses, relaxed appearance, and an overall impression of softness. Praxiteles favored gods, personifications, mythological figures, and portraits. He experimented with new approaches to old subjects, as seen in his tendency to humanize divinities by portraying them as playful adolescents. His innovative approach had its strongest impact in his depiction of Aphrodite in the nude, which influenced most subsequent portrayals of the goddess.

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    This item is crafted of durable resin and may be displayed outdoors with the following care:
  • Painted items will benefit from a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to slow fading from sun exposure.
  • Avoid direct exposure to freezing winter weather.

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