California Quail Solid Cast Bronze Garden Statue: Set of Four

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Cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method
When you see these solid bronze California Quail statues take their place in your garden, they might just make you do a double take! Our bronze California Quail statues boast a hand-applied classic sepia patina. Cast and crafted one piece at a time in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights their darling faces and cute bird legs and guarantees lasting beauty. Sure to be a focal point, this Design Toscano heirloom-quality bronze garden statues convey that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior. Color patina is applied by hand one piece at a time, tone may vary slightly.
Female: 5½"Wx9"Dx10"H. 5 lbs.
Male: 6"Wx9"Dx11"H. 4 lbs.
Single Chick: 5½"Wx4½"Dx5½"H. 2 lbs.
Twin Chicks: 5½"Wx4½"Dx5½"H. 2 lbs.
Was: $850.00
Now: $699.00
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