The Mystic Blacksword: Sharpened
This Gothic war sword was brandished by wood elves for hundreds of years until it was gifted to a man - a man known by many names, but called "Blacksword" thereafter. Feared by orcs, dwarves, men and evil beasts alike, the bearer of the sword carried out many great deeds until his death while slaying a particularly evil dragon. The balanced war sword parts are black, the hardwood grip is hand-wrapped in leather for a secure grasp, and the fully tempered, high carbon steel blade is blued to a fine black luster. Hand-crafted by the famed metalsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts. This sword will be professionally sharpened to order and cannot be returned.
Overall: 42" Blade: 32½"Lx2"W. 3/16" thick. 3 lbs./4 oz.
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