The Dordogne Water Nymph

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Inspired by artist Jean Goujon (1510-1572) Fountaine des Innocents, Paris
Our beautiful nymph is named for France's major waterway and hails from the exquisite Renaissance fountain in Paris' Square des Innocents. Sheltered within the stately architectural frame of a Roman arch wall niche, it beckons with graceful gesture counterbalanced by the water urn it carries. We've replicated this classic niche sculpture in designer resin to capture the intricate details, then finished it in faux stone as a perfect accompaniment to your formal space or luxury bath.
Approx. 5½"Wx3"Dx16½"H. 3 lbs.
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Jean Goujon (1510-1565)

Jean Goujon was the foremost French sculptor of the 16th-century; his most well-known work is a series of reliefs for the Fountain of the Innocents. Not only a sculptor, but an architect as well, Goujon was one of the main players in the French Renaissance.

Goujon's sculptures are prime examples of the mannerism movement in France. His figures are elongated, sensual and fluid, as well as reminiscent of Greek sculpture. Goujon's graceful and pure style influenced the decorative arts in France for centuries to follow. His most famous works include a series of water nymphs for the Fountain of the Innocents in Paris and other sculptures on the faade of the Louvre.

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