Still Life with Apples, 1894: Canvas Replica Painting: Large
By artist Paul Cezanne (1839-1906), in a Private Collection
Paul Cezanne painted the green vase, the rum bottle, the ginger pot and the apples endlessly for the last 30 years of his life. Giving form and mass to objects through the juxtaposition of brushstrokes and carefully balanced colors and textures was of more importance than the objects themselves for this artist who bridged late 19th century Impressionism with 20th century Cubism. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its bold brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano. With bas-relief organic styling, the multi-tiered, replica European style frame is cast in quality designer resin and highlighted with an aged gold-toned finish.
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Large: 39"Wx32"H framed (33"Wx26"H image size, 3.25"W frame)
   Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)

Paul Cezanne is called a visionary and his innovative style, use of perspective, and general composition and color put him well ahead of his time. Cezanne profoundly influenced art by being the bridge between 19th-century impressionism and 20th-century cubism.

Paul Cezanne was born on January 19, 1839, as the son of a wealthy banker in the south of France. Cezanne joined author Emile Zola, his childhood friend, in Paris in 1861 to pursue a career as a painter.At first, Cezanne paintings were characterized with a black and morbid atmosphere during his Dark Period, but around age 30, Cezanne began to change his style and habits. Cezanne paintings gradually morphed as he began to focus on landscape subjects. Fellow artist Camille Pisarro introduced Cezanne to impressionism and the men spent much time together over the next few years. In 1874, along with the other impressionists, Pisarro and Cezanne exhibited their work together. It was not until his late fifties when Cezanne's paintings finally received the attention they deserved.

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