Bird of Steampunk-iness Armor Clad Statue
By artist Liam Manchester
Though the early bird usually gets the worm, in this case, a good old oil change may be warranted instead! Boasting all the Steampunk gears, nobs and flaps a modern mind could possibly imagine, this armor-wearing refugee of a Jules Verne aviary combines the natural world with that of factory fantasy. Sculpted with rivets and washers from his mechanized wings to his spiny claws, this bird statue by artist Liam Manchester is cast in quality designer resin and finished in faux metal hues. A synergy of Victorian futurism, this exclusive bird sculpture can be found only at Design Toscano!
4" Wx7½" Dx 4" H. 2 lbs.
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Liam Manchester

British artist Liam Manchester doesn't mind taking the necessary time to make an exquisite work of art, even if it means devoting an entire year to a single piece. His dedication is obvious in all of his mystical and gothic creations. Liam Manchester cites the old English myths and legends, especially the vivid and dark tales of fantastical beasts, as his primary inspiration for sculptures like Belladonna, the Forlorn and Gaston, the Gothic Climber. His Design Toscano exclusives range from plaques to table sculptures, wall climbers to mirrors, and clocks to garden statuary.

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