Saluting Sailor Still Action Die-Cast Iron Coin Bank
Quality foundry cast iron coin bank collectible, antique replica
In his jaunty blue and white uniform, a sailor holds an oar with one hand and gives a worthy salute with the other! Originally created in the early 1900's by Pennsylvania-based Hubley, our faithful Design Toscano replica features a back coin drop. Our heavyweight antique replica in authentic foundry iron is a 5½inch, fully hand-painted novelty coveted as a vintage toy collectors' classic replica. With die cast metal construction, this still action bank is hand-painted in antique hues to delight gift recipients and collectors alike.
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  • 3"Wx2"Dx5½"H.
  • 1 lb.
  • Design Toscano Collectors' Die-Cast Iron Mechanical Coin Banks Cast Iron banks have long been treasured collectibles, popular in Renassance Europe and even found among the tombs of ancient civilizations. In the US, mechanical banks became a household staple as 18th-century parents sought to reinforce Benjamin Franklin's aphorism: "A penny saved is a penny earned." After the Civil War, toy mechanical cast-iron models were produced en masse until about 1930. Operating with the drop of a coin or the push of a lever, these clever banks, produced in hundreds of different themes, sizes and personalities, were at once functional, decorative, and a delight to the eye. "Still banks"-so called to differentiate them from banks with mechanical parts-have also long been collectors' favorites. Because sought-after mechanical coin banks can bring more than $50K at auction, collectors have turned to fine replicas as a more affordable way to satisfy a love for these witty, novelty, cast-iron replica works. In fact, reports indicate that even replicas are growing in value! Design Toscano offers a plethora of novelty mechanical banks to launch or supplement a proud collection.

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