Portrait of Federico da Montefeitro, 1466: Canvas Replica Painting: Large
By artist Piero della Francesca (1416-1492), in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
The Duke, nicknamed The Light of Italy because he rose as one of the most successful condottieri of the Italian Renaissance, is shown against a backdrop that allegorically celebrates his accomplishments as lord of Urbino. The popularity of profile portraits, echoing Roman coins and medallions, was especially fortuitous for Frederico, given that he'd lost his right eye in an accident. The work of della Francesca is characterized by its serene humanism, geometric form and perspective. The artist painted a companion piece of Frederico's wife, Battista Sforza. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano. Our replica European style, bright gold-toned, ribbed frame is cast in quality designer resin with an acanthus leaf and floret border that draws the eye toward the beautiful image.
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Large: 27.75"Wx38.25"H framed (19.5"Wx30"H image size, 4.375"W frame)
Piero Della Francesca (1416-1492)

Piero Della Francesca painted religious works that were simply serene and clear, as well as uniquely geometric in relation to perspective and foreshortening. Della Francesca was an Italian painter during the Italian Renaissance and additionally made advances in the fields of mathematics and geometry.

Della Fransesca was blessed with a privileged childhood and he was able to study with painters in and around Florence, where he could view the sculptures and paintings of the great masters, such as Donatello and Fra Angelico. Della Fransesca was especially talented in perspective; his paintings are noted for the care he took in painting backgrounds for his figures. Della Francesca's paintings consistently display his interest in the theoretical study of perspective and a contemplative approach to painting. After a solid career in painting that produced lasting images such as View of an Ideal City, Della Francesca moved to innovative writing, publishing books on the subjects of solid geometry and perspective.

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