Pagoda Lantern Sculpture: Set of Medium and Large
Our scaled sculptures exude serenity and style.
Imagine the classic lines of these Asian influenced sculptures set amidst your flowerbed or near your pool or pond. Since Marco Polo's time, the tranquil energy and graceful shape of the Asian pagoda has been transported to European gardens. Our resin sculptures will lend their serenity and style to your outdoor spaces in two sizes.
Medium: 7½"dia.x10½"H. 6 lbs.
Large:11½"dia.x17½"H. 8 lbs.
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  • Do not use an open flame to light the lantern.
  • Battery powered electric tealights may be used.
  • Window dims of Medium Pagoda: 1"Wx1¼"H.
  • Window dims of Large Pagoda: 1¼"Wx2"H.
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