Our Sullivan Frieze
In the style of the Master: Our Sullivan Frieze
Classically trained at the ecole des Beaux Arts, Louis Sullivan (1856-1924), the first truly modern American architect, returned to the U.S. determined to find a new direction in architectural ornamentation. This exquisite piece cast from a terra cotta original is attributed to the Chicago School of Architecture. Cast in lightweight fiberglass resin this substantial piece is easy to hang with included wire cable.
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Louis Sullivan (1856-1924)

Called the Father of Modernism, American architect Louis Sullivan essentially created the modern skyscraper. Sullivan was an influential figure in the Chicago School of architecture and criticism. He was also Frank Lloyd Wright's mentor.

Sullivan's big break came after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 when the city was experiencing a building boom and was in need of gifted architects. After contributing to the rebuilding, Sullivan moved to Paris, where he studied at the cole des Beaux-Arts and was inspired by the artists of the Renaissance. Still shy of his eighteenth birthday, Sullivan returned to Chicago where he began work for a reputable architecture firm and thus commenced Sullivan' s most prosperous working years.

Toward the end of his career, Sullivan wrote books on the subject of organic architecture, in which he implored that architecture needed to appeal to emotion and nature while still being functional.

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