Music of the Lyres Cantoria Religious Sculptural Wall Frieze
Cast directly from the Italian original by artist Luca della Robbia
Originally created for the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence from 1431 to 1438, the Music of the Lyres Cantoria Frieze is a detailed image of a joyous celebration of youth. The most important marble work of famous Florentine sculptor Luca della Robbia, our replica is cast from the original in high-quality fiberglass resin and hand-painted in an antique stone finish. This stunning, monumental work of art is an exquisite addition to any church, home or garden gallery.
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This item will be custom made for you by a Chicago-based, Italian family who's been in the statuary business for over 100 years! Materials required for the creation of your item are in stock. Please allow approx. 14 weeks for delivery.
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Luca della Robbia (1400-1482)

Italian Sculptor Luca della Robbia sculpted primarily enameled terracotta roundels and was one of the pioneers of the Florentine Renaissance style. The della Robbia family names has since been come to be associated with the enameled terracotta sculptures they created. Luca della Robbia was the uncle of fellow sculptor Andrea della Robbia.

Della Robbia sculpted initially exclusively in marble. Eventually, he developed a pottery glaze that made his sculptures more durable against the elements of nature and thus more suited for the facades of buildings. Della Robbia's terracotta's were art alone, sculpted and added to walls to serve as art in an architectural context.

In 1481, della Robbia sculpted a series of reliefs which is arguably his most important work. This series included Song of the Lutes and Blast of the Horns. Della Robbia created reliefs and altarpieces in bronze, marble and his signature terracotta white figures on blue ground until his death in 1482.

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