Head of David Fragment from the Original Statue
By Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), 1504, Galleria Dell’Academia, Florence
Dreams do come true. We’d always heard rumors that a master mold of Michelangelo’s David had been taken when the statue was moved and cleaned in the early 1900s. Imagine our joy when, while traveling through a small town west of Florence this past year, we came across a Italian family who owns the master cast and moreover, agreed to give us exclusive rights to it! In our excitement, we’ve taken great care to carefully crate, ship by boat and replicate this unparalleled work as close to the original as possible. When we stand beside it, we can’t believe the truly breathtaking grandeur of this unexpectedly large, 4 ft. high head of David. We are certain that you and your guests will share our appreciation of this idealized focal point—and indeed, the world’s most famous sculpture—as it turns your garden, estate drive, drawing room or luxury bath into a gallery.
30"Wx36"Dx48"H. 70 lbs.
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In the arts of painting, sculpture and architecture the Tuscans have always been among the best, and Florence was the city in Italy most worthy to be the birthplace of such a citizen to crown her perfections. Thus in 1474 the true and noble wife of Ludovico di Lionardo Buonarotti Simone, said to be of the ancient and noble family of the Counts of Canossa, gave birth to a son in the Casentino, under a lucky star. The son was born on Sunday, 6 March, at eight in the evening, and was called Michelangelo.

Michelangelo, was placed with Maestro Francesco da Urbino to school. But the boy devoted all the time he could to drawing secretly, for which his father and seniors scolded and sometimes beat him.

About this time Michelangelo made friends with Francesco Granacci, who though quite young had placed himself with Domenico del Grillandaio to learn painting. Granacci perceiyed Michelangelo's aptitude for design, and supplied him daily with drawings of Grillandaio, then reputed to be one of the best masters not only in Florence but throughout Italy. Michelangelo's desire to achieve thus increased daily, and Ludovicoy perceiving that he could not prevent the boy from studying design, resolved to derive some profit from it, and by the advice of friends put him with Domenico Grillandaio that he might learn the profession. At that time Michelangelo was fourteen years old. The author of his Life, written after 1550 when I first published this work, has stated that some through not knowing him have omitted things worthy of note and stated others that are not true, and in particular he taxes Domenico with envy, saying that he never assisted Michelangelo. This is clearly false, as may be seen by a writing in the hand of Ludovico written in the books - more info
This item is crafted of durable resin and may be displayed outdoors with the following care:
  • Painted items will benefit from a coat of clear acrylic spray paint to slow fading from sun exposure.
  • Avoid direct exposure to freezing winter weather.
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