Mon Seul Desir Tapestry
(To My Only Desire) Flemish workshop, ca. 1500, Musèe de Cluny, Paris
This panel is the centerpiece of the Lady with the Unicorn series, originally woven for the Le Viste family of Lyon. It features the unicorn and lion drawing aside the rich fabric of a noblewoman’s tent. Inside, the lady inspects her jewels. The series is one of the most famous in the world. Hand serigraphed in France using the traditional pochoir technique. Accommodates optional rod and finials.
59"Wx46½"H. 7 lbs.
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Flemish Workshop

A brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills of figurative art (more often paintings than sculptures) from fifteenth and sixteenth century Flanders, a region which covers what is now Holland and Belgium, and the surrounding areas. Influenced by the International Gothic style, and partly by Italian painting (especially from Siena), this very important trend focussed on two things: nature, which was studied in great detail (the numerous still life and landscape paintings show this); and light, which had to be realistic, and so create shadows.

SOURCE: Artcyclopedia "The Baroque Era"
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