Monnet Vintage Advertisement Wall Tapestry
This European-style tapestry, based on the original French wine advertisement by Leonetto Cappiello, boasts both texture and rich color, as bursts of red and orange highlight this vintage poster. Skilled weavers exquisitely punctuated each detail on this tapestry depicting a barefoot woman in a cranberry flapper dress on a striking black background. This tapestry is an heirloom-quality textile work, richly woven of cotton with a chenille overlay on a quality jacquard loom. This tapestry accommodates free rod and finials.
This item will be custom made for you. Materials required for the creation of your item are in stock. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery!
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FREE Rod and Finials included with this item!

Your purchase of this tapestry includes a FREE designer rod and mounting hardware, a $39.99 value! Each set has a telescoping rod, one pair of finials, two fixed projection brackets, and hardware. Our metal finials will provide an elegant accent to your tapestry. 1 lb.
Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942)

Italian poster art designer Leonetto Cappiello is called the father of modern advertising because of his innovative poster designs. Cappiello was the first poster painter to depart from the painting quality of early advertising, instead using bold figures emerging from solid, usually dark backgrounds in a stark contrast.

After discovering that people were attracted to the concept of the quick sketch, in which Cappiello would capture their likeness in improvised caricatures, Cappiello moved to Paris to pursue a career in poster painting. Cappiello' s posters were never offensive and this led to fast acceptance. His simple drawings and flat colors were brought to life with dynamic zest and impact that earlier poster artists never obtained. Cappiello essentially developed a new poster language firmly rooted in the caricature style, as can be seen in Parapluie Revel. Cappiello' s posters, such as Le Nil, were shocking and pleasing simultaneously, keeping his career active for forty years.

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