Madonna of the Harpies Bonded Marble Statue

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By artist Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530), Uffizi Galleria, Florence
Bringing del Sarto's revered image of the Madonna and Child into three dimensions, this unique sculpture is a classic composition of great skill and beauty. Complete with details including the painstakingly rendered garment folds and the feathered angel wings, this more-than-foot-tall masterpiece is cast in fine-quality bonded natural marble for proud display in home or gallery.
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  • 7½"Wx5"Dx14"H. 9 lbs.
  • Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530)

    Italian painter Andrea del Sarto's career flourished during the High Renaissance and Mannerism periods, in which an atmosphere of sophisticated informality and a colorful expression of emotion marked his unique paintings. Del Sarto mainly painted religious works.

    Sarto was employed as a painter of frescoes, and from 1509 through 1514 he painted at the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata di Firenze in Florence. These paintings were met with such high respect that Sarto was nicknamed Andrea the Perfect.

    In 1512, Sarto painted Annunciation in a monastery. Along with many frescoes, self-portraits, and depictions of the Madonna, del Sarto's reputation for being faultless ranks him as a master of his time. Del Sarto paintings are grand and graceful, and his grasp of color and atmosphere is unchallenged among Florentine painters of his time.

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