Little Dancer, Fourteen Years Old Statue: Giant

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by Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
Modeled in 1880 after a young Belgian ballet dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet Dance School, this Edgar Degas dancer is statue decor with a richly artistic history. Often referred to as the most famous dancer in the world, the Edgar Degas ballerina, bucking the artistic trend of the time, wasn't an elegant lady but simply one of the young "opera rats" who donned a dancer costume to work her way out of poverty. Our little dancer is cast in three dimensions in quality designer resin with a green bronze finish. Our dancer is a decorative statue that captures the creative spirit of the dance and the hearts of all those who have loved it.

10"Wx10"Dx37"H. 14 lbs.
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   Edgar De Gas (1834-1917)

French painter and sculptor Edgar De Gas, whose groundbreaking paintings, skillful drawings, and acumen of movement made him a late-19th century modern art master. Edgar De Gas was born into a well-to-do family on July 19, 1834 in Paris and began painting very early in life. While studying at the Cole des Beaux-Arts, De Gas developed his drawing skills that would characterize his work. When the impressionist movement was influencing the culture in 1865, De Gas gave up academic subjects in favor of contemporary themes.

Theatrical subjects mesmerized Edgar De Gas, and many Degas paintings depict racecourses, theatres, cafes, music halls, or boudoirs. Degas also had an objective affinity for women and his paintings and later sculptures depict female dancers, milliners and laundresses in natural and spontaneous poses, such as Little Dancer Fourteen Years Old. Edgar De Gas ' s eyesight began to fail in the 1880s, so he increased his work in new milieus that did not require perfect vision: sculpture and pastels. Much like his paintings, De Gas 's sculptures depicted action as well as women.

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