Hungarian Saber Sword: Unsharpened
c. 1500 A.D.
Capable of powerful blows from horseback or foot, this heavy Eastern European saber sword was truly a double threat. Located in Eastern Europe, Hungary was often warring with its neighbors to both the west and east. Though it itself was a Western-type feudal state, it was also alternately allied and at war with Byzantium. The saber has a short guard and large pommel, both of brass, and the hardwood grip is hand-covered in leather. The high-quality sword blade is hand-forged of high carbon steel, tempered for strength and meticulously polished to a superb finish. This is one of the strongest and finest swords available. Hand-crafted by the famed metalsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts. Complete with a leatherscabbard.
Overall: 36" Blade: 30"Lx1½"W. 3/16" thick. 2 lbs./12 oz.
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