Hobgoblin of Harwich Manor Sculptures - Set of Two
The British secret weapon in the war against weeds
Legend has it that English estates are inhabited by creatures who keep watch even while the master gardener is away! Our Hobgoblin is said to gobble up whatever pests are threatening to overtake your home or garden. We can’t vouch for the effectiveness of this hand-painted designer resin sculpture, but we do know that even his sunny presence is always well-rewarded with a wide smile. Create an entire family of this foot-tall Toscano exclusive for big grins all around.
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  • Fits on Medium plinth (NG314105), Large plinth (NG314100), Laurel plinth (KY3917), Rococo plinth (KY0631) and Grande Garden plinth (JE122359)
  • Also fits on our Grotto (KY72)
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