Gods of Greek Mythology Chess Game: Pieces & Board Set
Gods of Greek Mythology Chess Set: Includes Chess Pieces & Board
Play chess with the gods! Our highly collectible chess pieces conjure ancient tales of Greek mythology and the elite gods and goddesses atop legendary Mount Olympus. Zeus, their ruler, plays the chess king while Aphrodite, goddess of love, stands in as queen in this handcrafted set. Initially individually sculpted, each chess piece is then cast in bonded natural stone and polished to an enviable finish as part of an heirloom collection. King height: 6½". The Deluxe Wooden Chess Board (Item IM402) is finished by master wood craftsmen using intricate inlays finished with durable, heirloom-quality varnish for years of display and competition. 21"sq.
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  • Zeus King dimensions: 1¾"Wx1½"Dx6½"H.
  • Aphrodite Queen dimensions: 1½"Wx1½"Dx6¼"H.
  • Asclepius (God of Healing & Medicine) Bishop dimensions: 1¾"Wx1½"Dx5½"H.
  • Centaur Knight dimensions: 2¼"Wx1¾"Dx5¼"H.
  • Corinthian Column Rook dimensions: 1¾"Wx1½"Dx4½"H.
  • Pan Pawn dimensions: 1"Wx1"Dx4"H.
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