Glasgow Basket Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window
Nearly 100 individually hand-cut pieces of art glass encased in glazier's came
Enjoy flowers that sparkle in the sunshine every day of the year with this replica 17-inch square stained glass window in the style of the Glasgow School of Art and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Its very organic, yet almost mechanical design melds elements of the natural world with the precision of the age. With an artisan's eye, each Basil Street Gallery distinct piece of high quality art glass is hand-cut, copper-foiled, and individually soldered, taking two full days to create. Scroll bracket and chain included for window hanging. This is authentic hand-crafted art glass; variations of texture and color are part of the process.
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  • 17"Wx17"H. 4 lbs.
  • Window includes two scroll brackets and two approximately 20" long chains with snap hooks for hanging. Chains can be adjusted for length by removing links as needed.
  • Each bracket requires two screws, not included.
  • Our stained glass windows have been protected with mineral oil as part of the finishing process. Please use a soft dry cloth to remove any excess oil.
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928)

    Largely under-rated in his homeland during his lifetime, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was an architect, designer and painter who influenced European design, in the early 1900s. Recently he has achieved the recognition his work deserves, both in Scotland, and worldwide. Mackintosh was born in Glasgow in June 1868. At the age of 16 he was apprenticed to the firm of John Hutchison, and studied at Glasgow School of Art in the evenings. While still attending the School of Art, Mackintosh won several prizes.

    While at Glasgow School of Art he met Margaret Macdonald, a talented designer, who he would later marry. Together with her sister, Frances and Herbert McNair, they were known as "The Four", and exhibited their designs in Glasgow, London, Vienna and Turin. In 1893, Mackintosh designed his first major work, the Glasgow Herald building - The Lighthouse. Over the next few years he designed several buildings including Glasgow School of Art and Queen 's Cross Church, now home to The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society.

    - More works by this artist


    WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, a chemical which is known to State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Stained Glass Product Care:

    When you receive your stained glass work of art, it will arrive with a coating of mineral oil. You can gently wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. The oil is applied to give the glass a scratch-resistant shine and protect it for the long distance journey to your home. We make every effort to represent stained glass colors accurately, however, due to the hand crafted nature of these products, slight color variations are normal and help make each piece unique. The final appearance will also depend on the lighting of the room where the stained glass is displayed. Stained glass lamps will also change colors when lit or un-lit.

    Eventually, dirt, soot and grime may build up on the glass from pollution, smoke and oxidation. These deposits reduce the amount of light passing through the windows, giving them a dull, muted appearance. Cleaning the window will restore it to its original appearance. The first attempt should be with plain water. NOTE: If you aren't sure whether or not your glass piece is painted, do not use anything stronger than plain water. If plain water doesn't work, try using a non-ionic detergent. If this method doesn't work, try a stronger solution. Stained glass can be cleaned with acetone, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or mineral spirits to remove shellac, varnish or stain. After cleaning, be sure to remove all chemical residue with a non-ionic detergent and thoroughly rinse off with clean water. Please remember, a little maintenance and care will keep your stained glass investment beautiful for many years to come.

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