Dragon's Gonna Get Ya! Garden Gnome Apocalypse Statue
How do you like your gnomes? Our dragon monster likes his flamed broiled! Whether you're a dragon fan or a gnome lover, you'll likely get a good, tongue-in-cheek laugh at the plight of these poor garden jesters! With kooky caps and screwball slippers askew, four prized pixies are in the clutches of this medieval muncher. The Gothic beast and four prized pixies are all cast in quality designer resin and hand painted to capture their wild woodland warfare. In home or garden, these Design Toscano exclusive collectible figurines are sure to attract attention!
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  • 9"Wx7"Dx12"H. 3 lbs.
  • Winter Care of Design Toscano Statues:
    Many customers ask if our products stand up to long winters, extremely inclement weather, and freezing temperatures. The answer is yes, but only with proper care. While we expect the works of art we sell to be of the best quality, Mother Nature can be quite tough on these pieces. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity may affect your statues adversely. Resin and cast stone have an inherent tendency to expand and contract with climactic conditions. The ideal solution is to store your statuary away from direct exposure to the winter elements, for example, a basement, garage or gardener shed would be perfect. The following recommendations are offered to help ensure that your statuary purchases give you years of enjoyment:
  • Statues with designs that may retain or collect water should be covered or stored. They are also susceptible to damage by the effects of ice and wind.
  • If the statues do not seem securely placed, lower them from their pedestals early in the winter. In windy cities, statues on terraces should be secured to permanent structures.
  • Painted items should be allowed to winter in a covered area to protect the paint finish from damage.
  • We strongly suggest that all portable statues be taken indoors in extremely inclement weather and freezing temperatures.
    Please remember, while resin and cast stone are strong and durable, nature can be stronger. A little maintenance and care will keep your statuary investments beautiful for years to come.
    Winter Care of Statues and Fountains
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