The Doom Fulfilled 1885: Canvas Replica Painting: Small
By artist Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898), in a Private Collection
His eyes locked on Cert, the snarling sea monster, Perseus battles for the beautiful princess Andromeda who stands chained to the sea-worn rocks where she'd been offered as a sacrifice to angry gods. From the artist's series based on the epic poem by William Morris, the work typifies the romantic, yet sensually captive mythological portrayals on which Burne-Jones built his renown. The authentic stretched canvas replica painting captures the original work's texture, depth of color, and even its subtle brushstrokes, which are applied by hand exclusively for Design Toscano. The imported, delicately carved hardwood frame boasts a delicate leaf motif with fine feathered detailing finished in antique gold tones.
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Small: 15.5"Wx16.5"H framed (8"Wx9"H image size, 4"W frame)
Medium: 26.5"Wx28.5"H framed (19"Wx21"H image size, 4"W frame)
Large: 37.5"Wx40.5"H framed (30"Wx33"H image size, 4"W frame)
Grande: 44.5"Wx48.5"H framed (37"Wx41"H image size, 4"W frame)
   Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898)

English painter, designer and illustrator Edward Burne-Jones was born in Birmingham and studied at the University of Oxford. Jones was trained as a Pre-Raphaelite and shared their passion for returning art to their concept of purity of form, stylization, and extreme morality of medieval painting and design.

Burne-Jones's paintings are noted for their sentimental and romantic style with a dreamlike ambiance and oft thought to be prime examples of the Pre-Raphaelite style. He is largely responsible for bringing the Pre-Raphaelites to the mainstream British art world, while also creating beautiful and exquisite artwork of his own.

Burne-Jones was also prominent in the revival of applying the medieval arts, which was led by William Morris, a friend from Oxford days. With Morris, Burne-Jones collaborated on stained-glass windows, mosaics and tapestries, including The Arming and Departure of the Knights.

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