Dancing Greek Maenads with Thyrsus Wall Friezes: Left & Right Set

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by artist Callimachus, in the Prado Museum, Madrid
Celebrate with these amazingly sculpted friezes of the beautiful Maenads, followers of the Greek god Dionysus. Each holding a thyrsus, a wand or staff symbolizing prosperity, fertility and enjoyment, the young women enraptured in dance are cast in quality designer resin with an authentic, faux stone finish. Known for his perfectionism and elaborately detailed sculpts, the 5th-century artist Callimachus, credited with inventing the Corinthian capital, shows his great skill in that he has left few details veiled. Display these Design Toscano exclusives in boudoir, bath or any room that would benefit from true classical flair.
Set of Two: Left and Right Wall Friezes.
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