Damascus Viking Warrior Sword: Sharpened
c. 850 A.D.
Early Viking swords were forged from layers of iron interleaved with strands of steel to produce an exceptionally durable sword. Damascus, or pattern-welded steel, was used to make the blade strong enough to withstand the rigors of combat. Archeological excavations in Finland have uncovered this handsome Damascus Viking specimen (circa 850-900). It has the lobed pommel loved by the Norsemen, with a cross guard that contrasts slightly with typical down-curved versions. The early style blade is well suited to the quick, slashing blows of the Viking warrior. Hand-crafted by the famed metalsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts of high carbon Damascus steel, the blade is polished and the fuller etched to show the Damascus construction of the blade. The pommel and cross guard are also steel, and the hardwood grip is hand-wrapped in leather. Included wooden scabbard is also covered in leather with steel mounts. Any Viking warrior would be proud to carry this sword into battle. This sword will be professionally sharpened to order and cannot be returned.
Overall: 36" Blade: 31½"Lx2"W. 3/16" thick. 2 lbs.
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