Civil War Sculptural Chess Set: Pieces and Board

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You don't need to don an authentic Civil War uniform to reenact the war that turned brother against brother when you own this amazing, sculptural chess set pitting Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Stonewall Jackson, General Sherman and others head-to-head once again. Whether you are drawn to the fine sculpts, or to the hand-painted detail of these rivals, admiring the set's history and pure artistry is as engaging as any rousing game of chess. Our designer resin pieces the King standing over 5" tall will delight both fledgling players and seasoned collectors. This three-dimensional, collectible sculpt is - as you'd expect - found only at Basil Street Gallery!
Deluxe Wooden Board: Handmade by master wood craftsmen using inlays of birch and walnut. Finished and varnished.
21¼"x21¼" with 2¼"squares. 5 lbs.
Was: $275.00
Now: $189.00
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