Celtic Walnut Tara Harp
Beautiful whether you play or simply admire these authentic 10th-century replica instruments
Once embraced by Medieval Celtic troubadours, our imported, hand-carved, quality walnut and birch rendition is a traditional full 22-string harp. This fully functional instrument, also popular as decorative art, is graced with hand-carved knot motifs and fitted with rows of metal tuning pegs and string guides. The Heather Harp features pitch shifters, and both arrive with tuning sets and extra strings. To make traditional music, add our 77-page book, Basic Harp for Beginners .
Heather Harp: 18"Wx8"Dx35½"H. 9 lbs. 3 Octaves, 22 Strings.
Tara Harp: 12"Wx4"Dx20½"H. 4 lbs. 1.5 Octaves, 12 Strings.
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  • Featuring 12 DuPont hard nylon strings with a range from F above Middle C to High C.
  • There are no sharpening levers.
  • A tuning tool and an extra string set are included.
  • Instruction book sold separately below.

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