Cannes Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Window
Over 100 individually hand-cut pieces of authentic art glass and 17 cabochons encased in glazier's came
As bright and exciting as the city famous for its celebrated film festival, this Cannes stained glass window features sunny golden cabochons and textured, hand-cut diamonds with a ruby red background and a lavishly stylized central motif of a fleur-de-lis-the royal lily-in a dazzling array of brilliant complementary green and blue tones. Toscano's masterwork is double framed in variegated greens and orange-golds, glows warmly in the light when hung in a favorite sunny spot and will still keep your sense of privacy. With an artisan s eye, each Design Toscano distinct piece of high quality art glass is hand-cut, copper-foiled, and individually soldered in glazier's came, taking over two full days to create. Our exclusive work of high quality stained glass art has the look of a fine period antique. Scroll brackets and chains are included for window hanging. This is authentic, hand-crafted art glass; variations of texture and color are part of the process.
11 Wx28½ H. 4 lbs.
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