Art Deco Wall Mirrors: Dragonfly and Lady of the Lake Set

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In the style of artist Luis Masriera (1872-1958)
The clean lines of these intricately designed wall mirrors reflect a stretch towards true Art Deco style. The “Lady of the Lake” mirror, with flowing gown and faux ivory skin, is attributed to designer Luis Masriera (1872-1958). The maiden in the “Dragonfly” mirror holds a geometric circle melding organic elements with period flair. These designer resin antique replicas make a beautiful statement.
Dragonfly: 13"Wx11"H. 1 lb.
Lady of the Lake: 7"Wx11½"H. 1 lb.
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Luis Masriera (1872-1958)

Luis Masriera founded the House of Masriera in 1839 and by 1900 the firm had become a unique representation of Art Nouveau jewelry in Spain. Masriera created some of the most creative and prestigious jewelry and designs the world has ever seen. He won numerous international prizes throughout his career.

Masriera brought a revolutionary style to the Art Nouveau world. His jewelry and pieces were characterized by a distinct Mediterranean influence and a masterful treatment of enamel in every technique. Masriera's distinct style became known as Barcelona Enamel. Masriera's jewelry was a consistent force in the world of art until his death in 1958 and other artwork, such as Lady of the Lake, carries on his unique style posthumously.

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