Alexander the Great Torso Wall Sculpture

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(c. 450 B.C.) By sculptor Myron, in the Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome
Cast from a English original by special agreement with a private British collector, this museum-quality replica honors Alexander the Great. Life-sized at nearly a yard tall, this home or garden gallery statement piece is cast in quality designer resin and finished to replicate the aged stone original. Our Toscano exclusive is a true statement piece.
17"Wx6"Dx37"H. 10 lbs.
Was: $199.00
Now: $189.00
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Myron (c. 480-440 BC)

Greek sculptor Myron lived in the 5th century B.C. He sculpted mainly in bronze, producing a greater variety of poses in sculpture that had yet to be seen. Myron's sculptures includes statues of athletes, heroes, gods and animals. Myron's delicate handling of balance and movement makes sculptures like Discobolos appear that he will throw his discus at the exact moment he comes into the viewer's sight. The face of the discus thrower remains calm while all the muscles in his body are tense in effort, showing Myron's devotion to detail, but perhaps lacking in emotion. Myron's sculptures of athletes, his primary focus, were revolutionary. Early Imperial Roman writers heralded Myron as one of the greatest Greek sculptors and his reputation has remained steady through history.

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