Akule 16" Smoke Hand-Crafted Glass Vase
From Design Toscano's Loft 7 Home Designs Collection
Invite color and visual interest to any living space by the addition of this sixteen-inch, hourglass vase from the "Akule" collection at Design Toscano. The unique hourglass shape, with spun glass spirals layered from base fading out toward as they rise, hand-made in Spain in smoky-purple tone, uses only one-hundred-percent authentic recycled glass. The unique texture and imperfections that add beauty are inherent to hand-made recycled glass. Feature this "Akule" vase on a sideboard, create a grouping with an impact of color, or pair with pieces from "Jaci" or "Tahki" candleholder collections, mix and match for a full range of design options.
5½"dia.x16"H. 3 lbs.
Was: $39.95
Now: $14.95
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