A Friend in Need Wall Tapestry
This tapestry depicts the popular image of anthropomorphized dogs playing poker, originally part of a series of advertising posters designed by artist Cassius M. Coolidge. Skilled weavers exquisitely punctuated each detail on this tapestry, capturing the original color and humor of the image and era. Surrounded by an ornate border that artistically frames its true beauty, this tapestry is an heirloom-quality textile work. Richly woven of cotton with a chenille overlay on a quality jacquard loom, this tapestry accommodates free rod and finials.
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FREE Rod and Finials included with this item!

Your purchase of this tapestry includes a FREE designer rod and mounting hardware, a $39.99 value! Each set has a telescoping rod, one pair of finials, two fixed projection brackets, and hardware. Our metal finials will provide an elegant accent to your tapestry. 1 lb.
Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844-1934)

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge was an American painter best known for a series of nine paintings featuring anthropomorphized dogs playing poker, such as A Friend in Need. His paintings have appeared on advertising posters and calendars as well as numerous prints.

It was at an advertising firm in 1903 where Coolidge first painted sixteen oil paintings of dogs in various human poses and situations, nine of them featuring dogs playing poker. Coolidge lived and painted fifty years before the Surrealism movement, making his famous dog paintings well ahead of their time.

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