Many centuries ago, it was a common belief that the Earth’s vast oceans were home to mysterious creatures known as mermaids. Magical female figures resembling mermaids first appeared in cave paintings 30,000 years ago, which is when scientists conjecture humans first began sailing the seas. In the Middle Ages, mermaids were depicted alongside aquatic animals such as whales, leading to the logical assumption they were real. Throughout time, these fabled beings have captured the imagination of humans, inspiring famous children’s tales and movies. At Design Toscano, our enchantment with these legendary creatures sparked our beautiful collection of outdoor mermaid statues.

Mermaid Statues

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From the intricately sculpted individual scales on her provocatively curved tail to her fetching soft tresses, our exclusive Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove will enchant your guests on patios, gardens or poolside. Blending the beauty of land and sea, our exclusive Mermaid of Magellan's Cove features a stunning sea muse with gorgeous flowing hair turn sculptural table base with a rounded-edge glass top. Certain to be the hit of every party, this unique conversation piece will add mythical charm to any room in your house or outdoor patio! Cast in heirloom-quality bronze and piped for optional pond or fountain use, our exclusive Mermaid of the Isle of Capri is a magnificent mermaid sculpture. With her lithe figure, arched tail and dazzling locks, this nearly three-foot tall beauty is expertly finished with a hand-applied two-tone multidimensional sepia and antique emerald verde patina.

Browse the lovely mermaid figurines from Design Toscano and enjoy the beauty and grace of these delightful sea souls in your own home!
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