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Grand Scale Tribal Wall Mask
Was: $135.00 - $249.00
Now: $99.95 - $189.00
Great Ape Monster Jungle Animal Statue Collection
Was: $45.95 - $129.00
Now: $39.95 - $109.00
Zulu Warriors of South Africa
Was: $69.95
Now: $55.95
Prowling Spotted Leopard Statue
Was: $399.00
Now: $375.00
Life-Sized Rhinoceros Statue
Was: $4,999.00
Now: $3,750.00
Hanna, the Hippo Spitter Piped Statue
Was: $55.95 - $69.95
Now: $49.95 - $69.95
Africa is home to a rich array of wildlife, with more than 1,100 species of mammals and 2,600 bird species including the largest living animal on earth – the African elephant that can weigh up to 14,000 pounds! Elephants, zebras, giraffes, gorillas, lions, leopards, rhinos and hippos are just a few of the wonderful creatures lucky travelers may get a glimpse of on an Africa safari. For everyone else, zoos, travel programs and movies like the Jungle Book, Lion King, and Madagascar can open a window into the world of these majestic animals. Now, thanks to the amazing African décor collection from Design Toscano, you can transform your own abode into an exceptional wildlife sanctuary with our marvelous assortment of African statues!