Make your garden a tranquil getaway with our water features! Cascading streams of water flow rhythmically to bring a pleasant water melody to any in-home oasis or peacefully meditative garden spot. Add even more drama to the refreshing, lyrical sound of aquatic notes by choosing a fountain with low-voltage LED lights. Each of our Design Toscano-exclusive all-in-one fountains includes an integrated, recirculating pump while our piped statues can be displayed as-is or a pump kit can be added.


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Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain
Was: $499.00
Now: $399.00
Large Herons Cast Bronze Garden Statue Set
Was: $74.95 - $1,199.00
Now: $74.95 - $999.00
Large Bronze Cranes
$74.95 - $899.00
Two Herons on a Log Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $199.00 - $4,499.00
Now: $199.00 - $3,499.00
Tiki Gods of Fire and Water Fountain
Was: $499.00
Now: $449.00
Entwined Dolphins Dance Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $199.00 - $4,999.00
Now: $199.00 - $3,999.00
Cherubs at Play Sculptural Fountain
Was: $649.00
Now: $599.00
Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain
Was: $699.00
Now: $599.00
Cascading Bamboo Sculptural Fountain
Was: $449.00
Now: $349.00
Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain
Was: $649.00
Now: $449.00