Outdoor Water Fountains for the Garden

With garden fountains from Design Toscano, create an oasis away from it all in your own backyard or meditation room. Asian zen water fountains create a peaceful space, where you can de-stress listening to the flow of the water. Outdoor water fountains also create focal points in gardens as well as at the front door. Our classical and contemporary garden fountains include tabletop fountains, wall and corner fountains and sculptural & animal fountains that transform any spot.

Garden Fountains

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Richardson Oval Urns Cascading Garden Fountains
Was: $299.00 - $450.00
Now: $199.00 - $399.00


Copper Falls Cascading Garden Fountain
Was: $199.00
Now: $179.00


Tiki Gods of Fire and Water Fountain
Was: $599.00
Now: $399.00


Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain
Was: $750.00
Now: $550.00


Puppy Pail Pour Garden Fountain
Was: $249.00
Now: $229.00


Rain Forest Leaves Cascading Metal Fountain
Was: $209.00
Now: $159.00


Turtle Cove Cascading Sculptural Fountain
Was: $325.00
Now: $289.00


Cascading Aloha Tiki Three-Bowl Garden Fountain
Was: $209.00
Now: $189.00


Hebe, Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain
Was: $349.00
Now: $250.00


Ocean's Bounty Cascading Shell Garden Fountain
Was: $169.00
Now: $145.00


Grizzly Gulch Black Bears Sculptural Fountain
Was: $225.00
Now: $199.00


Medici Lion Four-Tier Fountain: Brown Stone
Was: $799.00
Now: $629.00


Sprinkle the Turtle Piped Spitter Statue
Was: $32.95 - $45.00
Now: $27.95 - $45.00
Twin Dolphins in Tandem Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $99.95 - $6,999.00
Now: $99.95 - $4,750.00
Double Trouble, Fishing Boys Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $79.95 - $2,999.00
Now: $79.95 - $2,250.00
Nymph Dancing on Lilies Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $215.00 - $3,500.00
Now: $215.00 - $2,999.00
Japanese Koi Piped Spitter Statue
Was: $37.95 - $45.00
Now: $32.95 - $45.00
Fisherman Bear Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $99.95 - $2,250.00
Now: $99.95 - $1,999.00


Seahorse Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $45.00 - $375.00
Now: $45.00 - $325.00
Francine, the Fairy Gardener Cast Bronze Garden Statue
Was: $99.95 - $1,599.00
Now: $99.95 - $1,150.00
Add animal garden fountains to your garden to create a tranquil outdoor space. Look for animal fountains, like bronze cranes, bears or leaping frogs, to serve as the centerpiece of a flowerbed or a meditative corner of the yard. In addition to favorite animal fountains, discover abstract sculptural fountains or fountains with girls frolicking to place in the middle of your petunia patch or next to your koi pond. We even have two tier water fountains and other outdoor fountains that will fit on small patios or balconies for apartment dwellers.

Garden fountains are also favorites around pools. With our two tier water fountains and other fountains like our alligator fountains, it’s easy to create a fun tropical haven. Favorite large outdoor fountains near the pool, dolphin sculptural fountains or mythological statues like mermaids or Poseidon help you create a lush out-of-this-world scene. Or choose garden fountains that turn your backyard into a wilderness setting, with bear sculptural fountains or a fountain with frolicking otters.

With our garden fountains, create a mood that transforms your backyard into a playground. Our tropical fountains can help turn your outdoor space into an idyllic island getaway with friends. Metal outdoor cascading fountains, as well as koi sculptural fountains can create a meditative experience as you hum mantas among the daffodils or hydrangeas. Or add Buddha large outdoor fountains to awaken your garden with a peaceful spirit. These and other classical and contemporary fountains will transform any space.