Few things are as fascinating as the wild and wonderful animals that share our planet! When nature is your first love, Design Toscano can provide an inspiring animal friend, of the local or exotic variety! Whether it's a bear fishing on the shores of a decorative pond, a garden Yeti who plays "scarecrow" amidst neatly planted veggie garden rows, or a predatory jungle cat peering from beneath the leafy greens of a shadowed stand of trees, our animal sculptures are perennial favorites in every season.

Fantasy Figures & Statues

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Bird Fairy of Cecina Garden Statue
Was: $129.00
Now: $99.95
Zen Garden Gnome Statue
Was: $24.95
Now: $19.95
Humpty Dumpty Sculpture
Was: $84.95
Now: $79.95
Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue: Small
Was: $32.95 - $999.00
Now: $32.95 - $999.00