Shop our Egyptian table gallery to evoke the beauty and mystery of ancient Egypt with our Egyptian home decor collection. Enjoy the artful hieroglyphics on our King Tut glass-topped sculptural table, and bring a sense of majesty to any room with our Egyptian Sphinx glass-topped sculptural table. Choose from console tables, pedestal tables, and coffee tables to find just what you need.

Egyptian Tables

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Ramses II Egyptian Sculptural Glass-Topped Table
Was: $199.00 - $349.00
Now: $179.00 - $329.00


Servant to the Pharaoh Glass-Topped Console Table
Was: $650.00
Now: $499.00


Wings of Horus Egyptian Altar Side Table
Was: $215.00
Now: $189.00


Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Table
Was: $599.00
Now: $475.00


King of the Nile Occasional Table
Was: $275.00
Now: $249.00


Anubis, Servant of the Pharaohs Pedestal Table
Was: $179.00
Now: $169.00