The only thing better than beutiful art in your own home is art that is also functional. Get that combination of art and functionality with a sculptural table from Design Toscano. No matter the theme of the space you're decorating, you'll find what you need right here. There are medieval and gothic tables as well as countless different animal options. These works of art range from the elegant neoclassical to the fun and quirky. Browse the selection now and add some style or whimsy to your home, garden, or even your pool deck.

Sculptural Tables

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Literary Volumes Writing Desk
Was: $1,999.00
Now: $1,299.00


Elephant's Majesty Glass-Topped Cocktail Table
Was: $299.00
Now: $275.00


Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Table
Was: $599.00
Now: $499.00


Servant to the Pharaoh Glass-Topped Console Table
Was: $650.00
Now: $575.00


Wine and Dine Sculptural Glass-Topped Table
Was: $189.00
Now: $159.00


Ramses II Egyptian Sculptural Glass-Topped Table
Was: $199.00 - $350.00
Now: $189.00 - $350.00


Blind Justice Glass-Topped Sculptural Table
Was: $349.00
Now: $325.00