It’s a known fact dragons have fascinated people all over the world for thousands of years, based on artwork depicting the mythical beasts. From rain-making Asian dragons to fire-breathing European dragons, their appearance and behavior vary by culture. In Chinese art dating back to 1100 B.C., dragons were fairly tame-looking creatures with multiple legs and heads that slightly resembled lions. While they didn’t have wings, these benevolent, wise and heroic dragons could fly. European myths depicted dragons as frightful monsters that resembled a nightmarish blend of snakes, eagles, and lions with wings and scales and/or fur. According to legend, St. George the dragon-slayer was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon guarding the only well in the town of Silene, thereby saving a princess who had been chosen as the sacrificial lamb. Our remarkable collection of dragon furniture is ideal for every dragon lover fascinated by the fiery power of this mythical beast.

Dragon Furniture

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Hastings the Warrior Dragon Table features a magnificent, intricately sculpted beast by artist Gary Chang. This dragon is ready to serve his master and manor guests, holding up a lovely glass table top with his taloned claws. Another exquisite creation by Gary Chang, the Design Toscano exclusive Celtic Dragon Throne Chair features sculpted scowling dragons’ heads on the arms, front and back, framing a wide-seat. Whoever sits in this glorious regal throne clearly tamed the dragon and deserves the title of king or queen of the castle! Kingsman Manor Dragon Chair, a hand-carved solid mahogany replica of a 19th-century antique boasts stunning carved dragon heads showcased by Gothic trefoil designs, with a beautiful custom-made heraldic griffin jacquard fabric.

Any of our meticulously crafted dragon masterpieces will help you transform your home into a fabulous Medieval or Gothic castle!

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