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Terms of Use

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- Product exemptions apply, see exempted items below*

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Exemptions for Free Shipping 

NE100073         Great White Shark Hanging Sculpture

NE110073          Walking T-rex Dinosaur

NE100059           Enormous African Elephant

NE120013           Postosuchus Dinosaur Statue

NE68471           Columns Of Corinth Shelves

NE68777           Grand Stone Sphinx On Plinth

NE100055           Brachiosaurus Looking Forward

NE100061           Brachiosaurus Looking Back

NE130010           Super-scaled Holiday Nutcracker Statue

NE100083           Colossal Megalithic Olmec Head Statue

NE32470           Boris The Brontosaurus Dinosaur Statue

NE110088           Giant Male Silverback Gorilla

NE100045           Stegosaurus Dinosaur Statue

NE140080           Giant Sitting Santa Claus Statue

NE36342           Altar Of Tenenit Bar W/ 2 Stools

NE130011           Sitting Pretty Brown Bear Statue

NE130086           Sitting Pretty Oversized Polar Bear

NE867226           Sitting Pretty Black Bear Statue

NE160039           Fantong Oversized Panda With Paw Seat

NE100048           Triceratops Dinosaur Statu

NE203071           Kingsbury Garden Lion Looking Left

NE203072           Kingsbury Garden Lion Looking Right

NE74577           Grande Stone Egyptian Sphinx

NE100056           Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Statue

NE130054           Galloping Quarter Horse Statue

NE110130           Muiredach High Celtic Cross

NE90070           Malee Grand Scale Adult Giraffe Statue

NE110115           Dromaeosaurus Dinosaur Statue

NE110119           Life Size Bigfoot The Garden Yeti Statue

NE5110119           Life Size Abominable Snowman Yeti Statue

NE160022           Dakarai Grande Sitting Giraffe Statue

AD868372           Columns Of Luxor Shelves

NE140119           Malee Emerging From Wall Giraffe Statue

NE100082           Grande Megalithic Olmec Head Statue

NE120020           Cowch Holstein Cow Bench

NE90080           Giant Neoclassical Swan Garden Bench

NE68774           Grand Gilded Sphinx On Plinth

NE120049           Growling Grizzly Bear Statue

NE867203           Growling Black Bear Statue

NE150347           Wirral The Enormous Squirrel Statue

NE90022           Hadrians Villa Chaise Lounge

NE20701           Australian Outback Kangaroo

NE160221           Gottfried The Colossal Garden Gnome

NE70505           Roman Corinthian Capital Table

NE36832           British Telephone Booth Display Cabinet

NE110114           Cock A Doodle Doo Giant Rooster Statue

NE130004           Saddle Up Horse Bench

NE140044           Grand Scale Red Deer Buck Statue

NE22724           Giant Buddha Monument Sized Statue

NE140008           Giant Trumpeting Soldier Statue

NE110009           Polar Bear On The Prowl Statue

NE130058           Red Deer Buck Statue With Base

NE305277           Giant Grand Boulevard Female Pilaster

NE70605           Salentino Crescent Garden Bench

NE110075           Grand Scale Adult Zebra Statue

NE80096           Grande Acanthus Urn

NE90071           Allosaurus Dinosaur Statue Mouth Closed Frt-quote

NE100053           Allosaurus Dinosaur Statue Mouth Open

NE160017           Black Bear Bench

NE1600172           Brown Grizzly Bear Bench

NE1600177           Polar Bear Bench

NE120052           Life Size Camel Statue

NE80126           Grand Scale T-rex Statue

NE110010           Life Sized Rhinoceros Statue

NE60505           Clairvaux Monastery Alcove

NE590076           Cement Giant Easter Island Head

NE100080           Rock Wall Panel

NE8691           Indian 6ft

NE5120020           Cowch Holstein Bench-black

NE110116           Red Deer Buck Statue

NE97292           Grand Scale Wine Bottle Cabinet