Frederic Levesque:

From 1980 to 1983, Frederic Levesque attended L Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, which gave him the ability to better develop his creative talents. Feeling that he had successfully mastered his drawing skills, he went on to translate this expertise into a variety of logos, posters, and myriad advertising materials during the years immediately following his classical art training. Frederic Levesque greatly respects and is fascinated with the animal kingdom and presents this in many of his whimsical works, such as his Coco Swims the Channel sculpture.

Levesque, Frederic

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Today, his specialties tend to lie in the realm of the chimera, be they gargoyles, monsters, or a hybrid of sorts. His monsters, half devil or half beast, characterize the most complex of dreams with their incredible detail and the patience required to create such incredible three-dimensional images. What Levesque manages to achieve through his painstaking efforts are works of art that eternally retain the ability to arouse our imaginations and remind us of our legends.
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    Levesque, Frederic