Moai's shown in a garden

Once upon a time, the festive celebration and food feast known as the Hawaiian Luau was gender specific, with men and women ordered to eat separately. After King Kamehameha I died in 1819, strict religious laws were no longer imposed and families could dine and celebrate together. More than 1,800 guests were often invited to these big bashes, with an astounding number of roasted pigs, fish, taro plants, and coconuts to feed the masses.

Hula dances and Polynesian fire dancing became staples of these feasts later on, and remain so to this day in Hawaii. The beauty of luaus is that you don't have to travel any further than your own backyard to host your own version - just leave fire dancing to the professionals!

Another Hawaiian and Polynesian tradition, Tikis carved from wood or stone have distinctive appearances associated with the symbolic meaning and mythological importance of specific deities. By the mid-20th century, the assimilation of Tikis into popular culture led to trendy home bar and restaurant décor inspired by these carvings. Their popularity has endured, because who doesn't want to escape to the exotic South Pacific, if only for a night?

Unique Luau Party Ideas

Design Toscano has made it easy to bring the tropics to your own garden with our huge array of distinctive luau decorations! Kick off your festive party with intriguing tropical home décor - from garden statues that will knock their flip flops off - to wonderful Tiki tables for all the Tiki drinks you're serving.

Outdoor Tiki Décor

Transport your guests to magical Easter Island with our spectacular South Seas statement statues, like the Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith (JQ8624) available in many sizes including giant! Inspired by the 380 A.D. Easter Island originals, these stunning Design Toscano Tiki exclusives feature the iconic broad nose, chiseled chin and rectangular ears of Moai's ancient Polynesian cousins.

All your guests will make a dash for our delightfully retro Grand Tiki Sculptural Tables (DB383038 and DB383075), a good reason to buy several! Inspired by original Tiki carvings, these big guys are rather cheeky, demanding laughs with their outstretched tongue and big toothed grin.

Cast exclusively for Design Toscano in faux wood-grained designer resin, everyone will want to park their Pina Coladas and delectable bite-size appetizers on these divine tables.

Our spectacular Cascading Aloha Tiki Three-Bowl Garden Fountain (SS11521) will delight your guests with the sweet sounds of tropical water music and soft light bouncing off pools of cascading water. A perfect way to say Aloha and light the night at your next luau.

Tropical Wall Décor

Hand-painted in glossy rich purple, our Tenacious Tentacles Octopus Wall Sculpture (JQ7578) will make quite a splash hanging on your garden fence or as the centerpiece at your luau buffet table!

Amazingly sculpted and hand painted from plumage to talons, Tropical Scarlet Macaws Margarita and Miguel will look divine hanging out inside or outside the home. If these Macaws could talk, they'd say, "Let's get the party started and don't forget to pass us the pupu platter!"

Browse our fun selection of tropical décor to turn your backyard into an instant island paradise!

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